Jailolo: “Culture of Spices Island”

Jailolo is a small port that serves Halmahera’s northwestern coastal villages. It is located on the island’s west coast approximately 20 km north of Ternate. From the city of Ternate, Jailolo can be reached using the sea route, through Port Dufa-Dufa crossings in the east of Ternate.

Jailolo is a sub-district in West Halmahera regency, in North Maluku. Before the arrival of Europeans was the most important political power on Halmahera. It is thought that the sultanate had a measure of influence and autonomy as a combined Portuguese and Ternatean force overran in it 1551. It was then under the control of the Dutch and Ternateans for two centuries.

The sparsely populated island encompasses an area of 17,000 square kilometers. Its exquisite nature continues to inspire the festival each year. The Muslim and Christian population participate in a joyous and harmonious local festivity that has developed into an international event.

Jailolo stratovolcano is in the center of a volcanic complex forming a peninsula west of Jailolo Bay on the western coast of Halmahera Island. Jailolo stratovolcano has not erupted in historic times, but there are young lava flows on the eastern flank.