Bengkulu: “Wonderful Bengkulu”

Bengkulu is a province of Indonesia, located in the southwest coast of Sumatra. Bengkulu was the important place for The British East India company which was establish a Pepper trading company and garrison at Bengkulu in 1685.

Bengkulu has some of tourism destination like Bukit Daun, Bukit Kaba Crater, Curup, Dendam Tak Sudah Lake, Emas Lake, Panjang Beach, Tikus Island Sea Garden, Rafflesia Arnoldi, Enggano Island, Fort Marlborough, Tabot Ceremony and many more. Bengkulu Province is easily accessible by land, air and sea transportation. You can catch regular buses directly from Medan, Padang or Jakarta. Flight arrives there times a day. Domestic ships from Jakarta, Padang and Medan stop by in Baai Harbor, Bengkulu.