Trans Borneo – The Last Frontier: “Into The Heart of Borneo”

Trans Borneo: “The Last Frontier” is a road adventure covering the Malaysian states of Sabah & Sarawak through Indonesian Province of North Kalimantan (Utara). It starts from Sabah, Malaysia, moving South and eastwards across One of the last frontier in Borneo, from Bakelalan in Sarawak into Malinau, Kalimantan Utara and Kalimantan Timur before recrossing the border back northwards into Sabah. The journey Includes driving through 200 kilometres of rugged roads and island-hopping in Kaltara’s (North Kalimantan) East coast.

With the theme of “Into The Heart Of Borneo”, it starts from Sabah, Malaysia, crossing into Kalimantan Utara and Kalimantan Timur in Indonesia before moving westwards across one of the last frontiers in Borneo, from Malinau to Ba’kelalan in Sarawak. The route cuts through the very heart of Borneo. It is one of the last great 4X4 adventures in Borneo!

This event is a collaboration between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam supported by the BIMP-EAGA (Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines – East Asia Growth Area) business council, the Malaysian Government, the province of Kalimantan Utara and Kalimantan Timur and Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam. 

Trans Borneo: “The Last Frontier” is promoting culture, history, adventure, agriculture and nature in Borneo Island. The adventure will also take them to islands of Derawan, Sangalaki and Maratua in Kalimantan, Indonesia.